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Foremost Specialist Products
Unit 1, Victory Parkway, Victory Road, Derby.     Tel - 01332 766217
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Gauge Cock Sets, Spindles & Spares

Boiler Flanges

Boiler Joints

Valve Spares


Washout & Fusible Plugs


Steam Boiler Gauge Cocks, Spares and Equipment

Gauge Pressure Cocks & Drains

We make/supply standard and specially requested spare parts components for all types of gauge cock drains for steam boilers.


Call us for details of our range of brass pressure gauge, test and drain cocks

  • Brass round barrel bent nose drain cocks
  • Brass round barrel straight nose drain cocks
  • Brass round barrel straight union drain cocks
  • Sleeve Packed Water Gauge Drain Cocks
  • Sleeve Packed Pressure Gauge Cocks
  • Pressure Gauge Cocks
  • Pressure Gauges
Gauge Cock Sets

If you have an enquiry regarding any of these products, please contact us for details and prices 01332 766217

Gauge Cock Water Level Sets
Gauge Cock Drains
Spindle Packing Sleeves
Gauge Cock Spindle Spares
Gauge Cock Handles
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