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Electrical / Electronic Equipment


Steam Boiler Spare Parts


Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Sprint 5KW - 800KW Three Phase DC Drives

Model SLE - Analogue DC Motor Control Up 106 Amps (44KW/60HP) DC Drives


A drive designed specifically for straightforward cost effective control of single direction DC motors up to 106 Amps.

Model SL SLX - Analogue DC Motor Control Up To 330 Amps (145KW/190HP)

SL 2 Quadrant and SLX 4 Quadrant models are compact, reliable and efficient dc motor controllers.

Model PL / PLX - Digital DC Motor Control Up To 1850 Amps (800KW/1080HP)

Take control of the most demanding motor control applications. With 2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant models, you can use the PL/X to control DC motors up to 1850 Amps.

Please contact us for more information and details.
5KW - 800KW 3 Phase DC Drives
0.37KW - 11KW single Phase DC Drives
200XLV Controller 2 Amps
Drive Configuration And Monitoring Software
PLA - Applications Module
Digital Panel Meters
AC & DC Motors
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